Trade Notice

Sl No Trade Notice Start Date Download
1 TN/11/GST-II/2018-19 : Reallocation of Division-I (Shivaji Nagar) and Division -III (Deccan) of CGST Pune-II Commissionerate -Reg 18-06-2018 pdfdownload 457 KB
2 TN/09/GST-II/2018-19 : Procedure for interception of conveyances for inspection of goods in movement, and detention, release and confiscation of such goods and conveyances-reg 18-06-2018 pdfdownload 265 KB
3 TN/08/GST-II/2018-19 : Re-location of Baramati GST Division and Range -I of Baramati GST Division-reg 18-06-2018 pdfdownload 407 KB
4 TN/07/GST-II/2018-19 : Refund applications involving amount claimed less tahn rupees one thousand-reg 18-06-2018 pdfdownload 369 KB
5 Appeal-II / Trade Facility No. 01,2018 : Right to information Act, 2005 -reg 18-06-2018 pdfdownload 365 KB
6 TN/12/GST-II/2018-19 : Clarification of certain issues under GST-reg 18-06-2018 pdfdownload 256 KB
7 TN/13/GST-II/2018-19 : Opening of new minor head '507-road and Infrastructure Cess and '508 Social Welfare Surcharge' under Major head '0037-Customs' and for '507-Road and Infrastructure Cess 18-06-2018 pdfdownload 440 KB
8 Trade Notice No. 37/2018-GST (PUNE-I) : Clarification on refunds related issues -reg 18-06-2018 pdfdownload 948 KB
9 CGST- Jurisdiction of Chief Commissioner of Central Tax and Principal Commissioner / Commissioner / Additional Commissioner of Central Tax under the Central Goods & Services Act,2017 and the iurisdiction of the Commissionerates in the Pune Zone includ 22-06-2017 pdfdownload 4061 KB